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imageGrand Cutie AnalNow a game for both Operating sytems. It took a bevy of naked girls.  Mac. Pc. Finally, together at last. 

Digamour RPG

Digamour RPG


Digamour is the first all adult XXX Realtime action RPG

Your purchase of Digamour will allow you to tour the city and control your digital playmate in fully explicit action on your windows based PC. Your goal is to help the Cybergirls built by the Somavision Corporation to search the city for the newest sex upgrades attracting the most wealthy clients to pleasure. New upgrades and locations of interactive action await you.

Welcome to the 21st century

the Somavision Corporation developed Biomechanic Sex Dolls within the secret Digamour Project. Some Freelance Engineers pimped up their dolls in an undergound project which enhanced them to most life-like individuals. Step into the Digamour 3D Virtuporn and experience these Cyberdoll developments for yourself in the Paris of 2074

Total Control in the World

While having fun with the dolls it depends on your own abilities and dexterity how much experience Points (XP) and Cash you will take out of each hot session with one of the dolls. The XP will bring your own character to the next levels of gameplay while you can use the earned Cash for the enhancement of the cyberdolls. Non-player characters (NPCs) are characters not controlled by players. They are the sex-givers of Digamour. When an NPC is in an area ready for sex with you, a symbol appears on the city map. The symbols vary in color depending on the experience level of the chacter at that location which wishes to have sex. In order for you to approach that character, your XP must be at least that level or higher. The bra icon on the map indicates a bodyshop which is open. Inside the body shop you will find various upgrades which can enhance the sexual ability of your doll. Upgrades available here might include improved sex A.I., body enhancements, or other skills and abilities

Explore the city in real-time 3D to find the different sex spots:

Bodyshop (GirlLab)
Hidden Sex Coins
Various Strange Sex Partners
new Animations and game options
fully explorable 3D city

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